2014: In Review

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Oh, 2014. You could have been so much better than you were. I’m not sure if this is the natural rhythm of the universe or what, but every now and again, I end up suffering through a really junky year. Like 2010. I could say a lot about 2010. And 2014? Also not so good.

I’ve always had a bad feeling about turning 25, and maybe it’s self-fulfilling prophecy or maybe it’s me sensing the cosmic atmosphere or whatever, but I’ve never been less pleased about being proven right. 2014 was, for me, the year I felt entirely out of control of my life. And while we are all at certain whims of the universe, all the things I normally put in the “under my control” column were in the other one and it sucked. And the more I tried to sort things out again and exert a little authority over various life situations, the worse things got and then it was existential spirals forever and ever.

So it was a bad year and I’m not sorry to see it go. But there’s this end-of-year tradition I have where I like to list all the random small and not-small things that happened. So while hardly exhaustive, this is what went on in my little life in 2014:

  • Last-minute adventure drive to Madison to see Julie Nunes perform (this also resulted in a great selfie)
  • …But also ended with me driving home in a snowstorm with bald tires, i.e. the most knuckle-white drive of my life.
  • I went rollerskating for the first time and was none too shabby (rollerskating backwards even!)
  • …Until I fell and fractured my radial head (or elbow, for you plebeians)
  • A weekend trip to Boston for a friend’s wedding and my first 100% solo travel (by which I mean, there was no one waiting for me when I arrived, no one to stay with, no one to wander the city with, etc. and while somewhat empowering, it was mostly lonely)
  • I decided to let go of the idea that I could be a proper vegetarian
  • Logan had a mysterious health scare, which involved a 2am visit to the emergency vet and insanely high vet bills
  • Mom had emergency surgery
  • Had a ’90s-themed birthday party (and dressed as Arnold from Hey! Arnold, otherwise known as pure class)
  • What would have been my first feature byline was unexpectedly cut
  • A string of bad to scary altercations with dudes in the span of a few weeks
  • Spent much of the late spring and entire summer being incredibly stressed and tense due to my work situation
  • I drove to the Twin Cities to visit friends (and celebrated Father’s Day with someone else’s dad… oops!)
  • Saw Tegan and Sara perform at Summerfest (my first Summerfest experience ever, which is semi-ridiculous)
  • Helped a couple friends move out of their apartment
  • …And by doing so, scored a free guitar! (Yay!)
  • My flash fanfiction tumblr I co-run with my roommate hit over 1k followers
  • Spent a quiet weekend on Washington Island with my parents
  • DisneyWorld/LeakyCon trip (…admittedly, both left me rather disenchanted)
  • But I did get to see a bunch of panels featuring YA authors I admire (Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins, Holly Black, John Green, Laurie Halse Anderson, etc.)
  • Celebrated roommate’s birthday and valiantly drove to five different bakeries to find the perfect birthday cake
  • I drove to St. Louis where my high school best friend and I got up to our usual shenanigans (including sneaking into an abandoned, half-finished amusement park)
  • Hosted a raucous video game night with some of my favorite people (and dressed up as Princess Peach)
  • New job! Same company, but I moved to the copy desk as a copy editor
  • …And fell in love with a whole new medium: podcasts!
  • Random road trip to Ames, where I was reunited with my two nearest and dearest college friends for the first time since 2012
  • My apartment was put up for sale
  • I used up the rest of my vacation time on a trip to Ottawa to visit Japan-friends and merry times were had by all
  • …Though I did fail to appreciate Canadian culture experiences (no on the Tim Horton’s and double-no on the poutine)
  • My uncle passed away
  • Spilled gasoline all over myself while filling up my tank before work one morning (a thing that can happen, apparently)
  • My old roommate came to Milwaukee for a short weekend visit
  • New job! Again! Still at the same company, but now as an editor for a different magazine

I don’t know what’s going to happen in 2015. One of my friends said she thinks 2015 will be an adjustment year, a growing year, and that maybe it won’t be great, but it’ll sow the seeds for great. I’ll take it. This one was certainly a doozy.


2 thoughts on “2014: In Review

  1. It was a pretty great cake! I hope that great things will start to take root for you next year…2015 feels more like a foundational year than 2014 did.


    • I was proud of that cake! (Though I shouldn’t take too much credit – Elise did the actual decorating.) I think 2015 will be a foundational year, too. :)


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