Short Stories:

“At the 99 Yen Store” The Hawai’i Review. (Winter 2011)

“Signs” Tomo: Friendship Through Fiction: An Anthology of Japan Teen Stories, editor: Holly Thompson. (Spring 2012)


Don’t Get Sued! Libel, Slander and Defamation Laws in Japan (2/20/15)

Hell’s Bells: Gamers Steer Animal Crossing Up a Silent Hill (10/3/14)

All About Hikikomori: Japan’s Missing Million (6/18/14)

The Secret World of Kisha Clubs and Japanese Newspapers (2/11/14)

A Short History of Japanese Sign Language (11/20/13)


10 Books for ‘Downton Abbey’s’ Residents to Read, Because They’re Going to Need Some Guidance in That Gigantic Library (2/7/15)

Alphabetized, Color-Coded, or Double-Shelved: What Your Book Organization Style Really Says About You (3/3/15)

If You Loved ‘The Breakfast Club,’ You Should Read These 9 Books, Because You Need to Stay Busy in Saturday Detention

10 Truths Only Creative Writing Majors Know, Like How Your Degree Won’t Ruin Your Entire Future. Probably.

Reminisce magazine:

Nutrition Navigation (October 2014)

Nonstick Notions (September 2014)

A Smart Suggestion (August 2014)

Our Favorite McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys, slideshow (June 2014)

Other Stuff:

Untitled Comic Short, illustrator: Claire Whitmore. (Spring 2011)

Interview with TOMO contributor Kaitlin Stainbrook (2/6/12)

If you really want to get down and nerdy, my roommate and I co-run a flash (fan)fiction tumblr together called 36 Views of Hogwarts.